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Kira Talent is a virtual interviewing platform used by some schools to attempt to replicate a formal interview. Schools that use Kira Talent include London Business School, INSEAD, Oxford, Yale SOM, AllianceManchester, Kellogg, Goizueta, IE, Rice, and Rotman.

You will be asked a video or text-based question on your computer and given a specific time to answer. If you’ve taken the TOEFL, you’ll find it similar.

Officially, the purpose of the Kira Talent part of the application is to “get to know the applicant beyond the CV”. The Kira Talent interview gives applicants the opportunity to show the school their personality and communication skills. 

Unofficially, the process also allows the admissions team to identify applicants who can write cohesive sentences on the spot, are able to answer a question in a structured way and speak eloquently. They also help to filter out applicants who recite memorized lines, or who are unable to organize and articulate their thoughts.

In this course, we will learn about the Kira Talent process and how to prepare for a successful interview.

Course Objectives
  • Learn about the Kira Talent interview structure and process
  • Prepare for the video and text-based questions you will be asked in your Kira Talent interview
  • Understand the practical elements of the interview
  • Practice using the mock interview module

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