Step 3: Personal Data

This is where you will start your application.

This page comprises questions regarding your personal information, citizenship status, and gender identity. Not all the information is strictly Required*, but it’s positive for your application to provide as much information and detail as you can.


Residency and Citizenship information & Ethnic Identity

These details are usually used to determine your eligibility for scholarships, many of which are based on geography and nationality.

Note that the AdCom will also note:

(1) your diversity credentials

(2) your ability to work in your target job market. 

So if you have any flexibility here – for example, you have multiple passports or multiple permanent addresses – choose the one that makes you more employable and diverse.


Email information

Use a professional email address. If you can’t, because you’re between jobs, want discretion from your employer, or have other extenuating circumstances, use a professional-looking personal email address.


Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

We know from experience that diversity factors such as LGBT+ status and gender identity certainly affect an applicant’s chances of admission.

If you’re on the fence between two categories, you should lean towards the more “diverse” or “challenged” background to maximize your chances of an admit and scholarship. So if you do belong to a “DEI” category, be sure to select that option. Haas is looking to build an inclusive and collaborative classroom space, and your experiences as a diverse candidate are valuable to the school’s global outlook.

That said, don’t lie. It might help get you through to interviews, but then you’ll very likely get caught and it’ll torpedo your application.


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