Personal Details

✎  Nationality and residency status

Cambridge Judge uses these details to help them build a diverse and multicultural cohort and to assess your ability to work in your target job market.

Therefore, what you include here will have an impact on your application chances, and your eligibility for scholarships, many of which are based on geography and nationality. If you have multiple nationalities, choose the one that tends to produce fewer MBA candidates. 


✎  Number of years work experience

This refers to all full-time, paid work experience. Therefore, this usually excludes internships.

Rounding: Most applicants don’t have a round number of years of work experience, so round appropriately. If you’re unsure whether to round up or down, round towards the school average (6 years work experience for Judge).


✎  Upload photo

Cambridge Judge is one of the few business schools that asks you to upload a picture. It’s optional, but adding one gives them a better picture of your profile and most of your competitors will be doing so. Use a professional picture, such as your LinkedIn profile picture.


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