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Welcome to your University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School MBA application course.

This is a step-by-step walkthrough for the Wharton School of Business’s MBA application. It will take you through every stage of the application process using detailed instructions, example essays, and insider tips.

Course Objectives

As we walk through the application process, you will:

  • Navigate the Wharton MBA application portal using detailed analysis at each step.
  • Get clarity around the most common applicant questions and concerns.
  • Ideate and structure your resume, essays, and recommendations using My Notes from earlier courses.
  • Refer to example essays written by successful previous applicants (anonymized for privacy).
  • Submit an application that positions you in the best possible way for an admit.


Before starting this school course, you should complete the following courses:

School Strategy

Compared to many other M7 business schools, Wharton’s application essays are relatively straightforward. The school asks applicants to write two essays, both with very similar prompts to those asked by other business schools.

However, managing your recommender will require extra work if you apply to Wharton. The questions your recommenders will be asked are different from those at other business schools.

Also, if you get through to interviews, you’ll be invited to join the Team Based Discussion, a highly unusual form of interview.

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